A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Mix and Game Jam 2020!

The theme is to mix genres so we mixed Zombie survival with Tower defense!

This game can be played solo or with friends!

This game was made within the 2 days given to us for the Jam!

   Aim of the game   

Construct turrets to defeat the hordes of enemies trying to attack you! See how many rounds you can get through!


Select turret = E / F / Gamepad Y

Place turret = Left mouse / Gamepad Right Trigger

Cancel place turret = Right mouse / Gamepad B

Revive player = Left mouse / Gamepad Right Trigger

Move = WASD / Gamepad Left Stick

Look = Mouse / Gamepad Right Stick

   Connecting via IP   

If you plan to play over the internet, the host will need to port forward port 7777 (UDP)

You can find your public IP by searching "What is my ip?" in Google

You can alternatly use your local IP for playing games over LAN which can be found by - Opening Command Prompt > Type "ipconfig" > Find "IPv4 Address"

Send your IP to the people you want to play with and put the IP into the text entry box and press "JOIN VIA IP"


Programming, editor use and some art by me dscottwilson.itch.io

Art and gameplay design by niallcrabtree.itch.io


BoxCo (Jam submission) 262 MB
BoxCo V1.1 (Post-Jam update) 122 MB

Development log

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