A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam

This game REQUIRES at least 2 PEOPLE to play

   Aim of the game                                                                                                      

The Scientist players must find key cards to open doors and find the exit (Pink door) before the Ghost player gets them!

   Connecting via IP                                                                                                     

If you plan to play over the internet, the host will need to port forward port 7777 (UDP).

You can find your public IP (online IP) by pressing the "COPY MY IP TO CLIPBOARD" in the main menu.

You can alternatly use your local IP (Such as instead for playing games over LAN which can be found by - Opening Command Prompt > Type "ipconfig" > Find "IPv4 Address"

Send your IP to the people you want to play with and then click "Host (Ghost)".

Your friends should then put the IP into the text entry box and press "Connect (Scientist)".

If the "Connect (Scientist)" button doesn't work then you might be having port issues or may have the incorrect IP.

Connecting to a host can be quite finicky and may take a short while to set up properly if you encounter issues. I wish we could use the Steam subsystem for this game as it'd make connecting super easy ;-;

You can run 2 instances of the game on the same computer and use the IP "" and it will connect to each other. (This is if you want to test out how the game works or for any other reason)



Attack = Left mouse

Ghost vision = Right mouse / Shift


Interact = Left mouse / E / F


Hell has broken loose. The scientists working on the top-secret formula made a big mistake when they finally started testing on humans. The formula makes the subject erratic and transforms into a ghost-like creature ravenous for revenge and become out of control. The scientists try to escape while they still can...


Programmed by me and art by my girlfriend <3

Install instructions

Download ZIP > Right click ZIP > Extract All... > Extract > Turning Defiant > Double click "GMTKJam.exe"


TurningDefiant.zip 88 MB


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puedo usar este juego para un video??

As long as it's a positive video :) Send a link to it if you do